What is Photo A Day Month?

It is a project for the month of February where you take a picture a day (30 pictures) in the said month. To  successfully complete the project you just need to have 30 pictures at the end of the month.

How do I participate in Photo A Day Month (PAD Month)?

Take a picture a day for the month of February. Share it with us by posting it on the internet or you can store it in your camera for your eyes only. It doesn’t matter. You just got to take a picture a day (+ 2 to round off to 30)

What is this “Submit your Site”?

In a hope to connect interested participants across the internet, this site will host the links to your space on the net where you will be posting your pictures. This way, people can check out each others' sites.
All you have to do is fill the registration form and click on "Submit"  Your site name and link will appear on "Registered Sites". 

What is "Registered Sites"?

It is the page where you can find the list of all the registered sites taking part in Photo a Day Month. You can see each others' site and support one another.

How do I make a website.

Easy. Use service providers like Blogger or Wordpress to create your own blog and you will be ready to share in minutes.

If you prefer not to have the responsibility of handling blogs, you have the option of submitting a link to your Facebook album specially made for this purpose.
Instagram handles also work. However, these are not advisable if you want to protect your privacy.

Can I participate in PAD month if I don’t have a website?

Of course! You can participate in it without signing up here. It’s the effort that is going to last. However, we would not be able to host you on this site as there will be no link to provide.

Who runs this blog?

The site is managed by Manisha Mahalingam. She is a student, writer, blogger, from India. Inspired by National Poetry Writing Month and National Novel Writing Month she decided to do a similar one for photography. In 2015 she created this site to encourage those who wanted to take part in the project.
She doesn’t earn anything from this site, nor does she use any information for any personal purposes. She is just an enthusiast.

Am I submitting any personal information?

No, not at all! You don’t have to provide your name or your email id. All you have got to do is submit your website (you can manage this anonymously or under a pen name you want to).

Who do I contact if I have any queries?
Please email to www.photoadaymonth@gmail.com